Joe Krupnik

With a passion for Cyber Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Joe is a CISSP and ABCP accredited and has supported DRIE Central since 2001 in previous roles as Special programs, Vice President, President and Past President.  Joe’s 30 years of IT experience comprises of Cyber Security, Team Leadership, Strategy, Business Process Management, Business Continuation Planning, Disaster Recovery Plans, Site Risk Audits,  Financial Industry Leadership, Data Center Operations, National Data Center Provisioning Management, Mainframe Technical Support and optimization, Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems, System capacity planning and performance tuning, Messaging and Directory systems. Networks, Firewalls, Communication and System security. Raid Arrays and SANS. Data Archival Systems. Audio and Video servers, Video animation software. Electronic Health Care Systems. Electronics Manufacturing. Test Equipment design and construction. Production and Test Procedure authoring. Discrete Electronics, Programmable Logic Arrays and microprocessor circuit design and construction. Pre-Sales system design, detailed product Costing and Post Sales Systems implementation. Hobbies include Electric Vehicle technology,  and ICE vehicles, Data Science, Space and Aviation enthusiast, Marathon Running, Farming, Carpentry, Mechanical build and repairs, Guitar, Music. An active volunteer with community and school groups.